Report on KANAFAN Members Get-together


Lively exchange among people produces great power in Kanagawa! Over 300 People Joined KANAFAN’s Get-together Event!

On June 29, 2012, a get-together event of the Kanagawa International Fan Club was held at Yokohama Media Business Center in Kannai, Yokohama City.

Blessed with fine weather in spite of rainy season, over 300 international students, trainees and the concerned organizations that support these people gathered together and got to know each other. The event was broadcast live through an online program “Yokohama Yume-kairo” to the world. To see Yume-kairo on YouTube,

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Opening Greetings

Mr. Jigyan Kumar Thapa from Nepal served as the event’s MC. He is currently engaged in various activities in Kanagawa and Japan, after studying in Kanagawa.

Performance of Morin Huur

Ms. Batjargal Ariunzaya, a student from Mongolia, played the morin huur, a traditional Mongolian musical instrument. Visitors listened in to the exotic sound.

Messages from KANAFAN Members (Representing International Students)

Three members conveyed their messages to KANAFAN.

Mr. Yuxiang Qiao
(Chinese student, Vice President of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Japan, President of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Yokohama Area)

I am studying international economic law at Yokohama National University. After the Great East Japan Earth Quake, I joined the voluntary activities in the stricken areas as a member of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association. We conducted clean-up activities, charity concerts and made donations. I selected Kanagawa as a place for study abroad, because I developed a liking for this prefecture after watching an animated cartoon titled SLAM DUNK. I would like to request the Fan Club to offer home-stay programs so that international students and Japanese people can have opportunities for exchange. We seldom have chances to meet with Japanese people of the same generation. So, if the Fan Club offers such programs, there will be more friendship exchanges between China and Japan.

Ms. Nuengnut Intharachit
(Former student from Thailand, President of the Rotary International District 2590, Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship Foundation)

It’s been 10 years since I came to Japan. Now I am working for Nissan Motor. When I arrived in Japan, I didn’t know anything and had many troubles in daily life. It will be very good if the Fan Club supports international students’ job-hunting activities, etc. I am serving as the President of Rotary International District 2590, Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship Foundation. This is a gathering of former students who received scholarship of the Rotary International. I would like to introduce the Fan Club to the members, and also provide information on employment.

Mr. Hwanyong Choi
(Korean student under Kanagawa International Scholarship Program)

While attending university, I am teaching Korean language at the international exchange association and learning many things from comparison of language, culture and history of Japan and South Korea. I was surprised to know that there are many similarities in pronunciations and meanings between Japanese and Korean words. This is a proof that the two countries have had many exchanges since old times. I would like to make efforts to serve as a bridge linking two countries. I also wish that various local groups and organizations will provide information on activities international students can join so that they can become close to us.

Governor Kuroiwa’s Message as the Host

I am very excited today renewing my recognition that so many people have come to Kanagawa from various countries. We will offer as much support as we can to the people who live, learn and work here in Kanagawa. You may face many troubles, and want someone who gives advice and help to you. The aim of KANAFAN is to make a network of people who wish to support you joining hands together. I sincerely hope that you will feel happy staying in Kanagawa. Now you have a link to Kanagawa and Japan, and I am sure that this link will give you a great power for your future. The network of KANAFAN will support you. Please be a fan of Kanagawa, and keep up the good work.

Following introduction of the four members of the Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly, Mr. Makishima made a speech and proposed a toast.

There were also announcements of assistance programs by five supporting member organizations.

(from left picture)
・Mr. Akira Furukawa, Senior Manager of Kanagawa-ken Employers’ Association: internship program offered by the member companies
・Ms. Ann Pae, Director of Kanagawa Housing Support Center for Foreigners: assistance for foreign people in finding housing
・Mr. Jun Mano, Executive Director of Kanagawa Arts Foundation: free tickets to stage performances
・Mr. Shuji Oishi, Executive Grand Producer of Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra: free concert tickets of Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra
・Mr. Masaichi Sugiyama, Manager of ANA Co., Ltd.: discount program of domestic tours exclusively for KANAFAN members

Governor Kuroiwa Appeared on the Internet Broadcast Program!

The broadcasting booth for the Internet program “Yokohama Yume-kairo” was set in the venue, and the event was broadcast live on the Internet.
“Yokohama Yume-kairo” is a tourism information program produced by Sanyo Print Co., Ltd., featuring Chinese students living in Yokohama as MC. The program is delivered through video-sharing websites, such as Ustream, Justin TV and YouTube.
During the event, the Chinese students emceeing the show got out of the broadcasting booth and had a talk with Governor Kuroiwa on the stage. Governor sent a message to the viewers of “Yokohama Yume-kairo”.

Result Presentation of Popularity Vote for “Best Visiting Spots in Kanagawa” and Presentation of Kanagawa’s Specialties

Five reports on best spots in Kanagawa were chosen from 18 entries submitted in advance, and read out in front of the audience. The five applicants were presented by Governor with Kanagawa’s specialty products, such as Odawara lacquer ware.

To read the reports, visit Members’ Square

Participants enjoyed networking in their own way!

More than 300 foreign and Japanese participants enjoyed a pleasant talk and deepened friendship in Kanagawa.  We hope that their encounters on this occasion will lead to further vitalization of Kanagawa International Fan Club.

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In advance of the opening, lively musical performances were given by ES CAMPUR, a multinational band of Japanese Language Course students of Yokohama Design College, and a transnational unit of Yokohama City University.