Report on KANAFAN STATION’s Pre-opening


Reception Held to Celebrate Pre-opening of KANAFAN STATION!

On December 1, 2012, KANAFAN STATION was pre-opened on the second floor of Kanagawa Kenmin Center, and a reception was held in commemoration of the opening.

Information on KANAFAN STATION

Members of Kanagawa International Fan Club, including international students and trainees, and supporting members gathered to celebrate this occasion. Here we report the event, focusing on Governor Kuroiwa’s address on his enthusiasm for the STATION and congratulatory messages by an international student and supporting organizations’ representative.

Governor Kuroiwa’s greetings

Six months have passed since we started Kanagawa International Fan Club. And we have come to think that, in addition to communication on the Internet, we should also have a place where members can meet face-to-face. That’s why we set up this KANAFAN STATION.

So, please feel free to come and use this space. I hope that the STATION will be a place for interaction and a place where something new and interesting will start.

The true value of the STATION depends on how you will use it. I wish the opening will be a good opportunity to further expand and strengthen Kanagawa International Fan Club as the network for communication and interaction.

Congratulatory messages

Ms. Song DaHye(student from South Korea)
representing KANAFAN members

I would like to offer my congratulations on the pre-opening today. I have been in Japan for five years. To today, I have faced many troubles and difficulties. Since I have no relatives in Japan, it was very difficult for me to find housing. I heard that KANAFAN STATION, which opened today, would give various supports for finding housing and employment, etc. It will be a great help for international students. My small request is that since international students live in various distant places, you will set up another STATION where these students can visit without having to worry about travel cost!

Mr. Takao Ota (President, RKK)
representing KANAFAN supporting members

RKK (association to talk with international students) has about 100 Japanese members and 150 registered international students. With “three ties” as our watchword, members are committed to support foreign students on a one-to-one basis. The first tie is among members, the second tie is between members and students from other countries and the third is among these students. International students have strong wish to make friends with other international students who are in the similar situation. That’s one of their purposes to join our programs. So, we put importance on this, too.
These three ties are also common with the objectives of Kanagawa International Fan Club and KANAFAN STATION, and it is very encouraging. I wish you good luck and every success with the Club and STATION.

Collaboration with Yokohama Yume-kairo, an Internet broadcast program

The pre-opening reception was broadcast live by Yokohama Yume-kairo, an Internet program. In the latter half of the reception, Governor Kuroiwa enjoyed talking with a Chinese student MC and participating international students in the virtual studio set in the STATION. You can see the part of the program on the Japanese page.


The record of the entire event is available here