An Unforgettable Day in Kanagawa かながわでの忘れがたい一日




Mr Khanna who is former trainee of HIDA, the Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association, gave KANAFAN a message about his one-day memory in Kanagawa.

An Unforgettable Day in Kanagawa with Ms. Suzuki

To introduce myself- I am Vinod Kumar Khanna, a participant in IDFT-I programme at TKC*1 during 15th Sept. 1999 to 29th Sept.1999.

The message is for one Ms. Suzuki, who was an employee at YKC*2 during 1999 & was known to a co-participant & common friend ( Mr. Arun Malik, who was also the GM of FAAAI at New Delhi center.)

It was A beautiful Sunday morning. Starting from TKC, four of us went by Train to a station named ”Ishikawachi*3”. We shopped in the Sunday market on a roadside, before Ms. Suzuki (back from church) received us there & escorted us to her flat. It was the only household we visited in Japan & had a taste of Japanese hospitality.

Yes, she offered us cake / eatables & then took us for watching Dolphin show somewhere nearby. Of course, she did not allow us to pay. Soon it was evening and time to return to TKC. She saw us off at Yokohama station, and we did not have a thought or even time of saying Thank you to our host….

To-day after 13 years, I say to her- "A big thank you Ms. Suzuki", Ioften remember the day and smile to think, how a brief encounter with an angelic person like you leaves a permanent memory etched in mind, through a dignified and graceful behaviour. I am not sure if you are still around with YKC. Be happy, wherever you are.

Through this I also remember my companions, Mr. Arun Malik Mr. Dubey & Mr. Rajesh Gupta. The time really flies!







Through this I also remember my companions, Mr. Arun Malik Mr. Dubey & Mr. Rajesh Gupta. The time really flies!

—————事務局より注釈 Additinal Information from Secretariat——————-
*1 TKCとは、HIDAの東京研修センターの略称です。TKC stands for "Tokyo Kenshu Center".
*2 YKCとは、HIDAの横浜研修センターの略称です。YKC stands for "Yokohama Kenshu Center"
*3 "Ishikawachi" は、石川町(いしかわちょう)のことと思われます。"Ishikawachi" is probably "Ishikawa-cyo".