“Kanagawa Expedition~Features of Hiratsuka in early spring! Strawberry Picking & Hiking to Shonan-daira” on Feb. 24


The destination of Kanagawa Expedition team was Hiratsuka this time!
12 Fan Club members enjoyed hiking to Shonan-daira, strawberry picking and Japanese sweets making.

Members left JR Oiso Station and hiked up to Shonan-daira in the perfect weather. 
They were welcomed by plum blossoms just in full bloom.

Finally, got to the top!

Shonan-daira is known for its panoramic view of 360 degrees. You can overlook Mt. Fuji, Tanzawa & Hakone mountains, Sagami Bay, Enoshima Island and Miura Peninsula. Regrettably, though, they couldn’t see Mt. Fuji this time.
This spot is also famous for the night scenery and cherry blossom viewing.

After hiking, it’s time for lunch now.
The members had lunch at “Shonan-daira observatory restaurant Flat” commanding a nice view of the ocean. Dishes made from local products are served here.

The taste of fresh vegetables was impressive!
The hamburgers prepared with fish fresh from Hiratsuka Port and locally grown vegetables were super!

Leaving Shonan-daira, they headed for “Nimi-chan strawberry farm”.

The fresh strawberries were incredibly juicy and sweet.
They got stuffed with strawberries. What a happy experience!


Next was the highlight of the tour!  Strawberry-daifuku making at the kitchen of Kana Garden. 

Mr. Kato, the master of a long-established Japanese sweets shop Kinewaka in Hiratsuka, gave a special lecture to the members on strawberry-daifuku and nerikiri Japanese sweets making.

Having a trouble in dealing with sticky rice cake?
Don’t worry about the uneven shape!

Wrapped with the shop’s package film, they looked like Kinewaka sweets for sale?!
Couldn’t wait to taste them at home!


The members strolled in Kana Garden, dropped in at Asatsuyu Hiroba, a large scale farmers’ market of JA Shonan, and bought lots of fresh local vegetables and bread to take home. 

The following are comments given by the members. 
“Mr. Kato’s smile made me relaxed.”
“I love to come for strawberry picking again.!”
“I will make strawberry daifuku again at home.”

Thank you very much for joining.  We hope you will come back to Hiratsuka with your friends and family.



HIRATSUKA tourist association