“Kanagawa Expedition ~Exchange Bus Tour to Lake Miyagase, the Water Source of Kanagawa~” on Dec. 16


Kanagawa International Fan Club plans “Kanagawa Expedition” which gives you an opportunity for international exchange. This time, we explored Lake Miyagase and surrounding spots, which was a very valuable experience. We had participants from Nepal, U.S.A., Germany, Mexico, Spain, Kyrgyz Republic, Taiwan, Myanmar and Supporting Members of KANAFAN.

On a way to Lake Miyagase, we did a quiz session about participants’ countries. It was so fun that people who have such diverse backgrounds gathered and introduced their own countries. That was truly “ice breaking” moment, when participants could get a chance to know each other!

It was a really warm and sunny day. The first destination was Miyagase Dam. We listened to a lecture about Dam; its history, construction and functions. The deputy director of Water and Energy Center gave us an explanation and answered our questions kindly.



After the lecture, it’s time to eat lunch! We went to “LAKE SIDE CAFE” in Water and Energy Center. We would highly recommend you to try and eat “Miyagase Dam Curry!” You can enjoy eating and “discharging” curry paste. (Find the detail as short video posted on Dec. 16 here: KANAFAN’s Facebook)


Now, we’re off to tour the dam! Miyagase Dam is said to be the largest-scale dam in the areas around Tokyo. Our life is supported by this water source of Kanagawa.



There are two ways to get to the bottom of the dam. One is a large elevator which we used this time. The other is a cable car called “Incline”. The cable car requires charge but you can enjoy the view while going down. You can look up the dam from the lower place and realize its largeness. Getting off the elevator, we walked through the tunnel which is made of concrete.



We went to Prefectural Aikawa Park on foot. Walking slowly and enjoying the beautiful view on the way to the park made another memory for us.



In Prefectural Aikawa Park, we tried making own bandana of indigo dyeing.



What’s interesting in indigo dyeing is you can see its color change. Indigo dyeing uses a plant called Ai, and when it is exposed to wind, its color changes from greenish yellow to dark green, from dark green to dark blue. Participants, especially from overseas, were amazed at this color changing.


The last destination was Ogino-pan bread factory. It’s a hot place in Kanagawa now. Some TV shows introduced this bread factory and many people come visit there everyday! The most popular one is agepan (sweet fried bread). This agepan is so popular since they keep frying and you can eat fresh one!!


Moreover, the president (wearing a tall white hat) of Ogino-pan bread factory welcomed us! He and his son explained about the factory and answered our questions very kindly.



(You can see what happened inside the factory in a short video posted on Dec. 16 here: KANAFAN’s Facebook)



We had so much fun through the exchange bus tour, even though we went to three places in one day. Kanagawa Expedition aims not only to visit nice places in Kanagawa but also to encourage interpersonal exchange among KANAFAN members. People with nice, fun and outgoing personality gathered this time so we had even karaoke time on a way back. Mission successfully completed, this time as well! Thank you for reading and hope to see you in the next Kanagawa Expedition : )