Why don’t you join the “Kanagawa Expedition, Exchange Bus Tour to Lake Miyagase, the Water Source of Kanagawa”?


KANAFAN organizes tours to various spots in Kanagawa for the members to know more about the prefecture.

The December Expedition features Miyagase Dam, which is the biggest water source in Kanagawa. Discover where our water comes from, make a bandana dyed with indigo at Hanbara, well-known as a center of twist yarn production and eat sweet fried bread which won the gold prize in “Kanagawa Food Battle.”

Don’t miss this great opportunity to make friends and explore the new aspects of Kanagawa Prefecture!

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・ International exchange of bus tour, taking off from Kanagawa Prefectural Government Main Building
・ Visiting spectacular Miyagase Dam and get a “Dam Card”
・ Enjoying indigo dyeing and make your own bandana
・ Eating fried sweet bread at Ogino-pan bread factory

Time and date 9:00 – 16:00 (subject to change), Wed., December 16, 2015
Meeting point Kanagawa Prefectural Government Main Building (front entrance), which is No. 1 on the map.  Front entrance is facing the building No. 3.

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Program ・Miyagase Dam (tour and lunch)
・Aikawa Prefectural Park (Making a bandana of indigo dyeing)
・Ogino-pan bread factory
Fees ¥800

*For indigo dyeing. Lunch fee and shopping at the bread factory will also be shouldered by each participant.

Who will join? 10 members of KANAFAN members and KANAFAN supporting members

– If we receive many applications, participants will be chosen by lot.
– Participants will receive detailed information of the event from KANAFAN.
– Participants are requested to give a comment on the event to KANAFAN.  

How to apply In-advance application necessary.
Please send an e-mail to kanafan@pref.kanagawa.jp by Tue., December 1 with your name, sex, date of birth, address, and cell-phone number.
(Make sure to include the above information correctly, since it’s necessary to take out insurance.)
Write “<Kanagawa Expedition>” in the subject box. 



Kanagawa International Fan Club Secretariat
(International Exchange & Cooperation Group, International Div., Community & Citizens’ Affairs Dept., Community Affairs Bureau, Kanagawa Prefectural Gov.)
Phone: 045-210-3752