“Kanagawa Expedition~ Odawara Area Exchange Bus Tour~” on Nov. 4th


Kanagawa International Fan Club plans “Kanagawa Expedition” which gives you an opportunity to exchange. This time, we explored the west area of Kanagawa.

First destination was Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum! You can enjoy eating kamaboko dish, seeing good-old buildings, shopping at famous kamaboko shop and also making something. (You will know what it is. Keep on reading!)


(We arrived at the museum!)

(Tried “comic foreground” photo)


The participants wore caps and aprons. What are they going to do?


(Participants from Thailand and Iran)

(Ready to go!)

So, what we did was chikuwa making! Chikuwa is a baked fish-paste Japanese food. You can see it usually at super market. We tried making it by ourselves! How did it go? Let’s see!



 It was a little bit difficult to make the paste into chikuwa shape, but everyone did a good job!
We ate the hand-made chikuwa, and soba noodles for lunch!



Next destination was Matsudayama Herb Garden! Please take a look at the photos! Isn’t it beautiful? We could see even Mt. Fuji! You can enjoy making herbal products and strolling the scenic garden here!



We made our own bouquets with flowers that we cropped.



It is regretful that these herbs are all cropped for Christmas luminary. However, the luminary of Matsudayama Herb Garden is really beautiful and lots of people will come to see it.
We took a group photo holding our own bouquets : )



It was such a nice sunny day to have Kanagawa Expedition!

This time, we had members from Thailand, Spain, China, Iran and Japanese supporting members. People with various backgrounds gathered to explore the west area of Kanagawa. Everyone seemed to be happy and satisfied with this tour. Mission completed : )

We look forward to seeing you at the next Kanagawa Expedition!
Thank you for reading.