「神奈川フィル みなとみらいシリーズ第304回定期演奏会」感想文
Impressions of the Kanagawa Phil. Minato Mirai Series the 304 Subscription Concert


アメリカ出身の会員の方より-1 Message from an American Member-1

Members produce really wonderful music. Thank you for sending us the tickets to attend Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra’s concert. We really enjoyed it. Mr. Guillaume Vincent, the young pianist from France is a genius and played mesmerizing piano. After the intermission, Ms. Egawa Setsuko played amazing flute and then the full orchestra under the expert guidance of conductor Mr. Kimu Seikyo entertained the audience for the rest of the concert time. Two hours went by quickly.

Again, we want to thank KANFAN and Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra for giving us this wonderful opportunity to enjoy world class music, and help enjoy our stay in beautiful Japan.


アメリカ出身の会員の方より-2 Message from an American Member-2

Thank you Kanagawa for a great cultural experience. A very eclectic number of pieces.

The first piece Pithoprakta by Iannis Xenakis was a little difficult to understand. The premise is the "statistical mechanics of gasses." And, sounds as it is described. I do appreicate Conductor Kim to introduce such pieces to broaden my understanding of music.

The second piece, by Beethoven, Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 3 in C minor, Op 37, was remarkable. Mr. Vincent Guillaume on piano, with the Kanagawa philharmonic was truly beautiful music. Mr. Guillaume gave the music the power and elegance, both soothing and powerful.

Subsequently Mr. Guillaume performed a few favorite encores, which added his personality to the concert. You can feel that he was truly appreciated by the audience, and he humbly accepted their strong applause.

The next piece was again post war, Memoriale by Mr. Pierre Boulez.
This was highlighted by Setsuko Egawa on flute. Another interesting piece. Very well done by Ms. Egawa. Introducing me to new ways to think about music.

The final piece was the best for me. Mr. Maurice Ravel’s “Daphnis et Chloé”. This was actually written for a ballet, and it seems that there were various differences in artistic interpretation, and the final result was not widely accepted. But, subsequently revised and performed to critical acclaim. Very powerful piece, and you can feel the energy that would be used for the ballet.

Thank you again for the fantastic opportunity,.


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今回、その当時の私の妻の年齢よりも若いピアニストが、自信を持って、力がありながらも流れるような軽さと軽快さを、繊細かつ豊かに表現して、ベートーベンの唯一のC minor concerto(ハ短調)の魅力を感じることが出来ました。