Kanagawa Expedition – Encounter Japan’s advanced technology in Yokosuka


Kanagawa International Fan Club hosts “Kanagawa Expedition” to provide members with opportunities to visit tourist spots/facilities and directly experience Kanagawa’s attractions. This time we visited Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Oppama Plant.

Owing to the good deeds of the participating members, maybe, the powerful typhoon was gone. The members gathered at Oppama Station on the Keikyu Line under a clear autumn sky, and started walking to the Plant.

After twenty-minutes’ walk, we arrived at the Plant. “15 more minutes to walk? No problem!” Mr. Richard Kirchner from the United States said vigorously.


Nissan Oppama Plant is an assembly plant that produces compact cars including 100% electric vehicle of Leaf, gasoline vehicles of Juke and Cube. These cars are displayed in the guest hall, together with a classic rally car. Visitors can also learn about Nissan’s initiatives from the exhibit panels.

Ms. Tsengel from Mongolia, behind the wheel of Leaf
“Nissan Juke is now officially on my future car choice list.”

Following the exhibit of the guest hall, we were briefed on Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. watching the introduction video.
Then we got on a bus to tour through the premises of the plant. The plant site is huge, so a bus is prepared for visitors. There are two research centers in the premises, where basic research and development are conducted looking at the automobile industry ten-years ahead.

The company is making efforts to preserve and nurture the natural environment of Oppama. The forest in the premises is made up of trees employees planted one by one. They are also growing ivy to cover the wall surrounding the whole site.

Now, it’s time to tour the production line.
We could see the assembly procedures and final inspection of completed vehicles.

Though Oppama Plant produces electric vehicles Leaf, there is no special assembly line for them. Electric vehicles are assembled on the same line with gasoline vehicles of Juke and Cube.

The workers were quick and light in movement. To reduce their physical strain and make the work go on smoothly, various equipments are adopted, including automatically controlled component carrier, device to assist workers in carrying heavy components, etc.

From welding process finished on the day before, overall time required to complete a car is 16hours including the final inspection. It’s so quick!

With a lot of surprises and amazement, we came to the end of the tour. The 1.5hours passed by like a flash!


・Ms. Sayamon Saiyot wrote:

In the exhibition hall @ Nisson, Oppama plant ’Reducing 90 % carbon monoxide (CO2) by 2050’ is the first attractive word and then ‘How’ that is the following question. The experiences of Kanagawa Expedition give me a concrete answer.
First, all participants have a chance to know clearly in the long story of Nisson that offers an advanced technology with the relevant issues such as safety and environment. Interestingly the green areas have been planted by employees nearby. Second, study tour in the factory illustrates any fine details such as shipping, assembling, researching as well as testing. Moreover, the fantastic machinery especially the intelligent robots are found as a stunning view in all processes. ‘Technology’ and ‘Environment’ can continue and balance as well. Now the previous question had been answered.
The above story could not happen if I did not get an opportunity from Kanagawa Expedition program. Thank you so much.

・Ms. Jessica Paje wrote:

Thank you so much for hosting the tour to the Nissan Oppama Plant. It was my first trip as a Kanagawa International Fan Club member and I had a wonderful time! The tour itself was really great. I’ve always thought the closest factory to us here in Yokosuka was the Toyota Factory in Nagoya. So, this was a real treat being only a 10-minute train ride!

As a hobby of mine, I contribute regularly to JapanTravel.com. On this site, I blog about places I’ve visited in Japan in hopes that other foreigners will find the translated information a useful tool to apply during their own travels.

Here’s a link to my blog post on the Nissan Oppama Plant Tour for your reading pleasure. I hope to edit it soon to include the group photo of all us! :- ) http://en.japantravel.com/view/nissan-oppama-plant-tour-yokosuka

Hope to meet you all once again in the near future!


・Mr. Richard Kirchner wrote:

I had no idea this plant was so close to where I live (Yokosuka). Thank you for arranging it and escorting us there. I enjoyed the careful attention you gave the group! I see I am quoted in the story. thank you :- )

My only suggestion may be to have a group lunch together afterwards if the group is not too big. It would have been nice to talk to the other members in the group a bit more to hear everyone’s exciting background and stories.


・Ms. Manjiree Nikam wrote:

As I told you at the end of the tour KANFAN arranged for us to the Nissan Oppama plant, I thoroughly enjoyed it and want to thank you for your and other KANFAN staff’s time and efforts.

The best part was to see the finest of Robotics at work. Just today on an International TV channel, they talked about how advanced robots are replacing humans in doing repetitive tasks and how Japan is the most advanced country to do so. They also showed an assembly line at an auto plant here in Japan and I thought, ‘YES!!! I just visited such an auto plant’.

Please also send my thanks to the Nissan Oppama plant management for allowing the visitor tours.

Finally, it is very nice of KANFAN to arrange such tours and other events to make foreigners’ life more enjoyable in this beautiful country, and we thank you for it. I hope more foreigners take advantage of these events and tours, without KANFAN many of them will not be possible.


・Ms. Cao Yuan wrote:

I joined the Kanagawa Expedition Nissan Oppama Plant Tour with other members of KANAFAN. I really enjoyed the program. The plant tour showed me the manufacturing process of Nissan Motor. It was the first time I visited an automobile factory like this, and it was very impressive to see the components carrier vehicles and staff working on the assembly line. I found that each car was completed by a team effort of many people.

I also had a chance to see the port out of the bus window. I could understand the flow of automobile production from assembly to shipment, and felt something familiar to Nissan Motor.

It was really nice joining the plant tour. Thank you very much.


・Ms. Tsengel wrote:

I would like to say that Nissan Oppama Plant was one of the best places I’ve visited in Japan. The assembly line was very impressive in which workers and machines cooperates in real time. Out of 4 type of car they manufacture at the plant, Nissan Juke is now officially on my future car choice list.

As for better tour, I agree with others. It would have been nice to get to know other members of the tour.
And I wonder if further such tours can be scheduled on holiday or weekends?
Unfortunately I had to be absent from some classes (but absolutely no regret!)

Thank you again, Kanafan, for organizing such good opportunity to explore Japan.
I really appreciate all the preparation and planning work you have always done for us, international people.


We appreciate Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Oppama Plant for providing cooperation to Kanagawa Expedition. For details of the plant tour, visit the below website.

For this event, we asked for English guide beforehand.
The tour is usually held in Japanese. English tour is held on an irregular base when there are a certain number of applications.
If you are interested, please contact Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Oppama Plant.

Kanagawa International Fan Club is planning more “Kanagawa Expedition” events to explore fascination of Kanagawa. We are looking forward to seeing you in the events.