Impression on Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra
the 295 subscription concert

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インドネシア出身の会員の方より From an Indonesian Member (日本語訳が下にあります)

Honestly, something unexpected happened to me right before the performance started. That is why I could not attend it on time, and have to enter when there was a break between what I think is the first and the second song.

I tried to look it from a positive side though and treat it as a new experience, because apparently Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra provided real-time recording of the concert with a TV screen for us who showed up late. That is nice!

And when we finally could enter the hall, we could not sit in our seats because I think it will disrupt the views of other audiences and disturb the flow of the concert. We could watch the performance from the back while standing instead, and I am really glad I came right on this time.

What the orchestra played before me at that time is still the first part of that day concert, which is the Double Concerto in A minor, Op. 102, by Johannes Brahms. And I came right when the duo violin (Yasunao Ishida) and violoncello (Hiroyasu Yamamoto) played their duet part. I have to say that that performance is one of the most beautiful and also my favorite part in the whole concert. They played flawlessly, and really complement each other in perfect harmony. Even when they played with such high speed and, they did it precisely. There was this one moment when they played in a very low volume which barely could be heard, but all the audience in the hall were so silent and seemed frozen that none, I repeat none, other sound except the violin and violoncello could be heard. That moment of silence was very serene it nearly bring tears to my eyes. That kind of moment is what makes me feel very grateful to come to an orchestral concert.

The other pieces marks the debut of conductor Sascha Goetzel. I personally enjoyed his performance in conducting the orchestra, full of energy and expressions. What I really like about him and make him different from any other conductor I have seen before is that he looks like he is playing around when conducting. Not in a bad way of course, because what I think is he really enjoy the song and the act of conducting itself. That shows how much he loves conducting I think. And if I am not wrong, there was an encore performance and that really showed his playful side to the fullest. What an enjoyable performance! Thank you very much KANAFAN for giving me this chance.