Impression on the Chamber Ensemble “Avanti!”

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アメリカ出身の会員の方より From a American Member (日本語訳が下にあります)

First of all, thank you so much for providing us for tickets to the world class concerts, such as the one by Avanti, the Finnish Chamber Orchestra. We appreciate all work KANFAN does for us foreigners and try to take advantage of programs offered by KANFAN. I think all foreigners should do that 🙂

Wow, listening to the music produced by very skilled musicians in the chamber orchestra ‘Avanti’ was just one amazing experience. The Chamber Orchestra was very high quality, and we as well as the whole audience enjoyed it so much. We did not stop clapping afterwords for a long time.

Believe it or not, while listening the music being played, I thought of our visit to the Ufizzi museum in Florence a couple of years ago, and the famous painting by Botticelli, called The Primavera (or the Allegory of Spring). There is something magical in that painting, and there was something magical in the music of ‘Avanti’, especially the Clarinet playing by music director Mr. Kari Kriikku. We truly did not want him to stop playing.

Again, a big ‘thank you’ to all sponsors who helped bring this orchestra to Japan for the three city tour, and a bigger ‘Thank You’ to you for giving us tickets to enjoy the concert. My husband and I are truly grateful to KANFAN and other institutions/individuals who make living in a far away land so enjoyable.