Medical and disaster prevention info



Available in 18 languages. It helps you tell your sickness in your own language.

Non-profit organization, Multi-language Information Center Kanagawa

It assists your life and medical needs through language interpretation. Available in 12 languages.

Data on AEDs and Refuge Areas

You can obtain data on the locations of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillator) placed by local governments and the refuge areas in case of a major earthquake in Kanagawa. Available in Japanese.

Japan Shelter Guide (App for smart phone)

This is an app in Japanese, English, traditional and simplified Chinese and Korean. It provides a safety confirmation service, information on disaster prevention and locations of AED and refuge areas, etc. It is free to download.


This is a free mailing service to offer Kanagawa’s information in Japanese, Chinese, Espanol, Portuguese, Tagalog and English. You can receive the e-mail newsletter four times a month.