Kanagawa Expedition to Mozart Concert & Japanese Sake Brewery on June 27

掲載日:Aug 1, 2017

Kanagawa Expedition offers opportunities for KANAFAN members to see tourist spots and facilities so that they can directly experience the charms of Kanagawa. This time, 12 members set off on a trip on the theme of classical music and Japanese sake. KANAFAN members from China, Germany, Nepal, Mexico and Spain joined the tour with Japanese supporting members.

In the morning, the bus left for Kanei Brewery, loaded with the expedition members. What’s special about Kanei Brewery is that they play Mozart music to brew tasty sake…yes, they call themselves “Music Brewery”! The members couldn’t wait to get there.

They were excited to see the sake brewing process for the first time. Seeing the curious sight, they asked various questions one after another.

How’s the taste? Looks like they love it. Hey guys, it’s time! We’re moving on to the next place.

Leaving Kanei Brewery, they headed for Sirasasa-inari Shrine, one of the three major Inari shrines in Kanto area. For most of them, “Chinowa-kuguri (passing through a hoop made of grass)” was the first experience! Members turned around the chinowa hoop again and again in a wondering look.

Then the priest showed the members into the front shrine. What an elaborate and beautiful decoration! They exclaimed in admiration of the gorgeous ornaments and ceiling picture. They were also given purification ceremony by the priest.

Another highlight was lunch time. They had “udon” noodles served at Shirasasa Udon Tanaka restaurant, which was established using an aged residence. Udon dishes eaten in the calm, historic restaurant were really good!

The last destination was Kanagawa Kenmin Hall back in Yokohama, where they listened to the performance by Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra. Just like sake of Kanei Brewery, they were fascinated by the genuine live performance of Mozart’s symphony.

We hope you enjoyed our report. Why don’t you join the next tour if you are interested in Kanagawa Expedition? We are working on the next exciting tour looking forward to seeing you