Message from Governor Kuroiwa

Message from Governor Kuroiwa

There are people from overseas who live and study in Kanagawa, and people who live abroad and have a link to Kanagawa. If these people become fans of Kanagawa, that is the greatest possible diplomacy for the prefecture.

May 2012, the kick off event of “Kanagawa International Fan Club”

Thank you very much for visiting the portal site of “Kanagawa International Fan Club”.

Diplomacy is basically management of relations between countries, but I consider heart-to-heart relations between people truly important. So, I wish that people who came to Kanagawa from abroad have encounters and experiences that they can never forget for the rest of their life. Diplomacy that I envision is to establish ties with people from overseas studying and living in Kanagawa and people living abroad who have a link with Kanagawa through our assistance and exchanges with them, and thus develop connections with their countries. This is what we would like to promote at the regional level in cooperation with the prefectural citizens, companies and NPOs that have a close association with foreign people in the community.

Years ago, I visited the State of Penang, Malaysia, one of the regions that have the friendship affiliation with Kanagawa. And I had an encounter there. I made a presentation on Kanagawa’s economy, and a young Malaysian came to the venue. The young man said that he had studied in Kanagawa, and had wonderful experiences. After completing his study in Kanagawa, he returned to his home country and achieved a great success in business. He said his success was owed greatly to Kanagawa, and he wished to do business that can serve as a bridge between Kanagawa and Penang, as well as Japan and Malaysia.

I think the existence of such a person is highly significant. It is very important for the future of Kanagawa and Japan to increase the number of persons who cherish their ties with us, who are the fans of Kanagawa and Japan.

To expand the circle of Kanagawa fans throughout the world, and promote networking among them, we established “Kanagawa International Fan Club” and opened its official portal website. This site is for people from overseas living and studying in Kanagawa, and for people living abroad who have a link to Kanagawa.

We will provide a variety of information on the site, such as the prefectural government’s assistance for international students and exchange activities for the members. Useful tourist tips and information posted by the members are also available. I wish that this site will be used by many people as a medium that connects them to Kanagawa, and “Kanagawa International Fan Club” will further develop in the future.

Yuji Kuroiwa
Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture