Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For those who would like to study in Kanagawa in the future

What is Kanagawa prefecture like?

・Kanagawa has 9,100,000 population (as of December 2015).
・Midtown Yokohama is the second largest city, next to Tokyo Wards.
・Famous places to visit include Kamakura, which has a rich and ancient history, and Hakone, an area filled with nature’s wonders
・There are mountains and oceans and on a clear day you can see Mt. Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan.

The Yokohama International Port and China Town are symbols of Kanagawa’s long relationship with foreign countries. These relationships remain active and strong to this day.

From Kanagawa it is about a thirty minute train ride to Tokyo. Haneda Airport is also about thirty minutes by express bus and Narita International Airport is about ninety minutes by train or airport shuttle.

How many Universities and colleges are there in Kanagawa prefecture?

There are 71 colleges and graduate schools in Kanagawa (as of May 2014) Many schools offer a variety of courses and programs for foreign students.
You can browse the link below for information on the schools in Kanagawa.

Can a non Kanagawa resident be a member of Kanafan?

Yes! Just click the link below and fill out the form and send it back to us. As a member you will receive our monthly mail magazine.

For those who are now studying in Kanagawa

Is there opportunity to study Japanese and meet Japanese people?

Yes, we offer Japanese study. Our Japanese study desk meets at Kanafan Station.

For information about exchange with Japanese people and/or organizations, please refer to the parts ‘Information from supporting member’ and ‘Support Information for Members‘.

Please come join in! Kanafan Station is located near Yokohama Station.

For other Japanese classes please search in the link below.

May I ask about housing and general life questions?

Yes. Just call Kanafan Station. The people there will get you the help you need.

We also organize events for free consultation for foreign residents.

I would like to work in Japan after graduation. Do you have information that will help me achieve this goal?

Yes, the link below contains information for international students hoping to remain in Japan.

Are there events where I can interact with Japanese people?

Yes, we have various programs for students and Japanese supporting members.

For Japanese Supporting members

How can I support international students?

There are programs for supporting family and international students. For information click here
If you would like to share your information for students, exchange activities and so forth Please go to this link


For Japanese High school, college students and parents who is looking for global Communication and exchange

I want to study overseas. Where can I find helpful information?

We offer seminars for studying abroad. See the link below
Link Kanagawa International Foundation

Can you give referrals to specific countries and universities?

We cannot give referrals to specific countries and universities, but we can provide information about studying abroad programs and scholarship.
For more information, click here.
Link Kanagawa International Foundation

Do you have any international exchange programs?

Yes, we have “International Cafe” at Kanafan Station. This is a casual exchange program for students and foreigners to meet and discuss areas of interest.
For more information click here
Link Kanagawa International Foundation